Monday, October 7, 2013

switch off your mind once in a while...

the bmw... shinya couldn't get these front blinkers that he made a while ago out of his mind. he says when he sees them by themselves they are fine but they don't fit anywhere on the beemer. "wherever they are, they just destroy the overall flow," he says.


so he decided to get lid of them and re-create something different. however, he said he couldn't come up with any good ideas, which is unusual for him, but i think he deserves a break. he'll get a super great idea tomorrow, i'm sure.



matthias said...

Dear Ayu,

please tell Shinya these blinkers are really great. My favourite position at the beemer would be the cylinder head left and right - great but quite hot position for a blinker!

My second alternative for the use of your blinkers would be my 1975 Puch Moped here in Stuttgart, because the Puch has no blinkers (not TÜV necessary in 1975)! It would be a honour for me to ride with Shinya blinkers at my Puch MS50V here in Stuttgart ;-)

Greetings from Germany


Great Australian said...

Hi Shinya, Ayu... Greetings from Sydney Australia... I love your work guys... Shinya, Barend blinkers would look great either double sided or end caps , im sure a man of your talents could fab something up...
God Bless Ya...

omnitasker said...

Troublesome and incongruous
They force themselves into one's design.
Disrupting and discordant.
Until at last they are accepted.

Keep up the good work fellas.


matthias said...

Interesting fact from Germany: not many words have the same meaning in English and German language: Blinker is such a word - blinkers (english) = Blinker (deutsch)