Wednesday, December 18, 2013

alternative applications...

the 10-day project triumph returned from new york after completion of its role on stage :)


now it needs to be a street legal daily driver.


after that, much-awaited test ride is coming up :D


 ₧₧₧₧ ₧₧₧₧ ₧₧₧₧ ₧₧₧₧

afternoon delight. tinkering with Benelli front end that shinya found at a swap meet a while ago. it's all mildewy, full of buildup dirt and dead leaves and shinya is going to clean it up.

午後のお楽しみはこちら。少し前にスワップミートで見つけたべネリのフロント エンドと戯れる。カビや土にまみれて落ち葉が詰まっておりますが、きれいにして組み直すみたいです。

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