Friday, January 31, 2014

5 more minutes til the last call...

after a long busy day, shinya, Wata and i were all super hungry and decided to go to a diner in a neighboring town but the duster changed her mind in a minute :<


with Wata and shinya, i don't have to worry much.


 well, it seemed like a bit complicated than usual.


Wata shaking the distributor and shinya catching a fastener for the condenser that went into the distributor...


the diner would be closing soon but they never give up :) you know, these old cars and motorcycles give us lots of amusing/interesting/fun/funny/bittersweet memories that we can laugh about later.



Busch Brothers said...

the stories are always funny later, but never at the time they are happening!

Pirate Tom said...

I'm getting near(ish) to getting my falcon back on the road. I look forward to working on it more than my other vehicles. :)