Friday, January 10, 2014

hit the snooze button and say hello...

after lunch, i, the van driver got super sleepy so we decided to take a nap in the van at the hotel parking lot before we hit the road. it was supposed to be a nap but it became a deep sleep. after a couple of hours, we both woke up at the same time because we felt someone's presence from behind. it was A of Revival Cycles putting their new sticker on our van in a careful manner :D he thought the van was empty so he was freaked out by us moving in the van. anyway, glad he did that otherwise we may slept through the day ;p

ルンチを食べたらとてつもなく眠たくなってしまい、出発前にカジノの駐車場に停めてあるチャボバンで仮眠を取ることに。しかし、仮眠はいつしか爆睡となり・・・ハッと人の気配を感じて目が覚めたら誰かがチャボバンの後ろにステッカーを貼っていた。木村氏も気付いて目が覚めたようだ。ダレカ シール ハッテルと寝起きのヒソヒソ声で動揺する我々。すると誰も乗っていないと思ってステッカーを貼ってた人の方が中の気配にビビッて悲鳴を上げた。リバイバルのAだった。ということで、あのままほっといたら夜まで寝てしまったであろう我々を起こしてくれたAよ、ありがとう。

shinya's on the T100.  N of Deus recently finished LA-barstow to vegas (2-day dual sport ride) on this one :)


 deus van


 unloading, unloading, and loading.


 N's famous kawi.


revival van


now they are loading N's kawi into the Revival van. A is going to take it with him to austin so that N can ride it when he gets to austin in april.


now we are on the way back to azusa :) photo by shinya



matthias said...

Great pics from the auction and the Triumph T100 etc.

Wish u a good and safe trip back home...

Today I had a Puch moped ride in the cold german winter - great fun...

Take care,


menacing ayu said...

Matthias: thank you and have a great ride!