Thursday, January 16, 2014

purple haze...

oh, man... it started in the neighboring canyon early in the morning and now (around 9 am) it marching towards azusa canyon.


 it's heartbreaking...

it's raining ash and sky is filled with smoke haze...thoughts and prayers to all the people and canyons affected by this brush fire.


  ┬┬┬┬ ┴┴┴┴ ┬┬┬┬ ┴┴┴┴

not feel too good but we wanted to come free from plume of smoke so we came to the thursday swap meet in a little way away city...and shinya scored a tool box :)

 and another tool box...



┬┬┬┬ ┴┴┴┴ ┬┬┬┬ ┴┴┴┴  

back in hazy azusa. shinya started to upgrading his movable tool holder. he first made this one when he relocated to the states and has been using it since then.


now it became a deluxe tool holder :D



Anonymous said...

I'm watching this blog for a month.
I thought this blog was written by mr.Kimura.So I was wondering why he spoke himself in the third person,KIMURASHI.

Now I know your his wife!!!!

menacing ayu said...

Reiji: thanks for your comment. i'm not his wife but i'm documenting his life and sharing a part of it with people. all the pictures and all the blog entries here are taken and written by me :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know ..sorry

I'm a high school student and really love his bikes.(I bought "Zero Engineering Book" and it was 10000yen=all of my Otoshidama(*_*)

Someday,i want to visit chabott so i have to study a lot now.

Thank you for your bolg and ↑reply:)

From japan.

menacing ayu said...

Reiji: no problem! we look forward to meeting you in person soon. good luck with your studies!