Monday, March 3, 2014

prep for the motorcycle cannonball 2014, day 9 in the evening...

now they're taking the indian motor apart with quick adeptness.


shinya is making an extra drawer for the cart that he found at big3 swap meet last month.


 the finished drawer :)


today is the last day for niimie. he'll be coming back again before the cannonball to test every new parts that our friend and his team made for us.


we tried the new crank shaft (squashed during the first cannonball in 2010) and the driving shaft (worn out during the second cannonball in 2012) made by Toyooka. we definitely need some improvements for the cross-country race by next time niimie comes back. even the parts itself is good, we need to test the compatibility with other old parts and its durability.


now closing the first chapter of our prep for the 2014 cannonball.


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