Saturday, March 15, 2014

spent most of the time in the canyon...

Fumi of Sixth Street Specials in manhattan and his lady A stopped over in LA for several hours on their way to hawaii and they came to see us :) so we took them to the canyon :D

マンハッタンのSixth Street SpecialsのFミ氏とAサミちゃんがハワイに行く途中にLAでストップオーヴァー、数時間あるからとアズサまで来てくれた!で、数時間しかないのに山に連行。今年は異常気象で連日氷点下のニューヨークから夏日和のLAにようこそ!

they wanted to try some doughnuts from donut man :)


they got to rush back to the airport to catch their flight to hawaii. have a safe trip and come back again!

oh, my license plate was split in two and came loose...


and shinya said he felt compelled to remake the whole tail section...


○○○○ •••• ○○○○ •••• ○○○○

came back to the canyon to test ride the mightyB (bmw).


and i took my SR500 this time.


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