Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a painter's beautiful form of love...

the mightyB carries on from last night. now the gas tank is removed.


 ├├├├ ─── ├├├├

picked shinya's niece Y up at LAX. she's a painter in japan and came here to just paint.


 setting her painting space in our mezzanine.


 at the drop of a hat...


her husband, also a painter, is looking after Y's cat and turtle in japan this time. he gave this kawasaki W-1 emblem that he has been treasured for years to shinya meaning "please take good care of my wife".

前回一緒にアズサに遊びに来てくれたYちゃんの旦那さん(旦那さんも画家)は今回は日本でお留守番。 木村氏へのお土産にと長い間大切に持っていたお宝、W-1の純正エンブレムを。大切なYちゃんのことをどうかよろしく、という気持ちが込められている素敵なお土産。大切にここに飾っておきます。

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