Friday, April 18, 2014

reunited family...

came to Deus to pick up the king CB750 that was back from the handbuilt show in austin. thanks again the deus crew H and N for hauling our bike. and thank you, team Revival for having our bike at such a great show.

テキサスのハンドビルト・ショウから帰って来た王様を迎えにデアスに。運んでくれたデアスのHとN本当にありがとう!それからショウの主催Revival Cyclesの皆も王様を展示してくれてありがとう!

 and now the king is in our workshop :)


 ╥╥╥╥ ╥╥╥╥ ╥╥╥╥ ╥╥╥╥

shinya has been test riding the mightyB and making changes and improvements on it. it goes on until he's fully satisfied, mechanical-wise.



Reiji said...

Why do you call cb750 the king?

menacing ayu said...

Reiji: we call it "the king" because Soichiro Honda said "this is the king of the motorcycles" when CB750 came out.

Reiji said...

I see.....

By the way,i saw the video uploaded on youtube and i saw the MV Agusta!!!
Did Koshi buy that?
I was very suprised to see the bike!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I wanted see his bikes running but only a few videos were available...
It gave me the best pleasure in the last few weeks :)
Of couse, his lyrics are awesome,too.

They inspired me to greater effort..