Thursday, May 1, 2014

BSA maniacs...

F-san's friends from east coast stopped by to pick up some of F-san's stuff that we kept at our workshop to take them back with them. they are on the way to the big BSA rally in northern cali.


he said he crushed his BSA right before their departure and didn't have time to fix it. at least he need to repair the throttle in order to ride at the rally...


F-san's "stuff" lie hither and thither on their trailer.


did a quick fix. he injured his right leg in the crush so his friend tried to kick start it. there is a little trick that only the owner can perform and non-owner had a hard time to start it.


the owner lost his patience and tried to kick himself. it somehow didn't start...

but they had to leave and head north anyway...hope he could ride it at the rally.


○○○○ •••• ○○○○

this couple from japan stops by once a year every year :)


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