Thursday, June 19, 2014

the jerkyls...

while shinya was working on Spike, Pipeburn S and the Jerkyls A from australia stopped by.


when shinya heard that they were seeking for a bike to race on weekend at Hell on Wheels(vintage motox race), he took out his SL100 to show them just in case they wanted to race it.

実はこの二人、週末にHell on Wheelsでヴィンテージ・モトXのレースに行くんだけど、レースに出られるオートバイを探しているんだって。それを聞いた木村氏、これなら持ってるけどと自慢のSL100を出してきた。

 they liked it and decided to go for it!


 S and A started to preparing for the race in a works-team-like manner :)


"i have a racing pipe for this" shinya said.


 watch out, people! the jerkyls are so ready!


have fun, guys!!


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