Friday, July 25, 2014

mystery man's secret project...

a gentleman came in and said he had a project and needed shinya's help and started to draw something on the floor before shinya could respond to it.

shinya told him that he has his own projects and no time right now and the gentleman was bummed a bit but then he found spike and got so excited. "is this for land speed racing? in 1973 i got 201 mph on triumph dual engine streamliner and i believe my record is still there!"


so shinya couldn't say no to him anymore. his project was to put honda mopet motor on a bicycle and wanted to keep the pedal so that it still remains as a bicycle. he wanted shinya to make some parts for it. "i bet you can do it!" he said.

since our workshop was really hot and felt sorry for him to wait so shinya told him that he would make the parts and deliver it to him later today and asked his address. then the gentleman K said "that's impossible because i live in a mobile dwelling, i'll come back at 5!" and he left :)



bOu said...

Great story Ayu!

Richard Bacchus said...

I Cannot wait to see where this is all headed. That guy looks amazing.

Adam Kosecki said...

This is my all time favorite post of yours, and I've been following for years.