Thursday, August 28, 2014

golden road...

so our 1915 indian motor looks like this again.


niimie finally said "compare to this whole thing i now realized that how easy my everyday work was!" and shinya said "i now admit that we are insane. we're crossing the river and getting to the other side!"


and they finally found that the cam shaft gear was skewed, hitting the flywheel nut and that was making a noise. luckily we have a straight one from our old motor so they replaced that. the reason why it got skewed was because a tiny metal piece was in the cam cover and been bothering the gear little by little.

they were so happy that they solve the problem and it was soooooo lucky that they found it now not during the race.

with a great deal of relief, shinya started painting the toolbox...

"cycle man" on the fender.

フェンダーに"cycle man"

yaaaaay!no wired noise, it sounds gentle yet pretty powerful!


 they worked so hard just because they wanted to ride it...

i could tell that niimie was smiling even from behind :)

regarding the motor, they said they did everything they could. will go for a test ride tomorrow and it will be the last test ride. we are very satisfied and feel fulfilled even before the race.



matthias said...

Hope your test ride will be successful! Great work... I am sure your Cannonball-Ride through the USA will be an adventure again!

Greetings Matthias

menacing ayu said...

Thank you, Matthias!!