Thursday, August 14, 2014

inextricable link between racing and mother nature...

our friend S-san, who had been preparing the mazda miata land speed racer nearly a year for his first time speedweek challenge, came back from bonneville. he got there early to finish up a whole list of final this and that on miata on-site. was super disappointed that the race was cancelled just as ourselves and all fellow racers and crews from all over the globe. anyway, he swang by just to say hi and gave us his team t-shirts.


S-san is from socal but his special mechanic and support crews came all the way from japan just for the speedweek. what a bummer... hope to see you all on the salt flats next year!

しかも、Sム氏のメカを買って出てくれたという長崎のShirley MamaのIリエ氏と、Z400FX改930で昨年ボンネビルに参戦していた姫路のヤングな二人組はSム氏のサポートをするためだけに日本から遥々ユタまで来てくれたそう。昨年塩の上で会ったヤングな二人組は特攻服(?)的なものをまとっていらして少し近寄りがたい雰囲気だったのだが、普段は若々しい普通のヤングであった。とにかく本当に残念・・・でも天候ばかりはどうすることもできない。これもまたレース。また来年塩の上で会えますよう。


shinya here is busy personalizing the van for the upcoming motorcycle cannonball. our 1915 indian is still in pieces, though.


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