Monday, August 11, 2014

road trip, red rock canyon, rainstorm and hail...

even if the speedweek was cancelled we needed to test our new van before the cannonball so we decided to have a small road trip to red rock canyon in nevada. hauled two yamahas. see the heavy rain cloud but it's alright.


and here comes the rain!


was just a shower.


so we decided to ride around.


"tortoise crossing" :D waited for a while but couldn't see any tortoises. and then a little after we were caught in a rainstorm, and hail but we kept going.

「カメ横断注意」 横断するカメがどうしても見たくて待ってみる。来ない。この後、暴風雨や雹に見舞われイタタタタタとなりながらもひたすら走る。

all told, we had such a fun ride :)


in las vegas :) the van became a bit noisy and shinya had to replace some expendable parts but that was it! now the 3rd gen. chabott van was finally approved as our official cannonball support van. yay!


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