Thursday, September 11, 2014

stage 7: start...

time for the van maintenance. the guy from england was laying down next to niimie and just teasing him. his team got out of the cannonball today because their 1928 JD burst into flames this morning right before the start. the rider was ok.


**we got a call from shinya earlier and he said the indian lost the power. later we got a call from him again and he said he opened the head on the side of the road and saw a blown gasket so decided to take a sweeper... bummer.


JP and his team has been waiting for a new bearing cages to arrive and they finally got them, worked so hard til 2am last night and got back on the road! congrats!


 DK on his JD

C, a lady from italy rides her 1928 moto frera. her husband rides 1926 moto frera.

イタリアから旦那さんと1928年と1926年のmoto freraで参加のCおばちゃんが絶対にグローブをしない件。
 even though niimie and i knew that shinya and the indian was on a sweep trailer, we waited and held up a tiny hope. shinya arrived first on a white school bus...


along with these guys. they called themselves "today's losers" but hell no!


 and then the indian came in.


we have still far to go. there is no time to waist. go team 80!


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