Saturday, September 20, 2014

stage 15: start...

finally we would be entering Washington today and this will be the last day for shinya to ride the indian in the race.


 go indian, go shinya!


when niimie and i got to the finish point of the day, about two hours before the finish time, we got a call from shinya. a heart stopping moment. he said he just got into the gas station and the indian motor stalled. he found that the front pushrod and the rocker arm were missing. he looked around desperately but no luck so far. he would try to locate them but he might have to wait for the sweeper and trailer the indian because he didn't want to do anything extreme but wanted to save it for tomorrow for niimie to ride. bummer. 

niimie and i were praying for shinya to find the pushrod/rocker arm and keep on riding to the finish. at the same time, we looked for a hardware store near by to get a round bar that could be used to make a new pushrod in case shinya couldn't find it.



yes! shinya and the indian is here!!

thought he found the pushrod and the rocker arm but he said he couldn't. instead, he rode it on just one cylinder and made it through. bravo!


before shinya lost the pushrod and the rocker arm, the front fender was wrenched off and wind around the front tyre and the indian suddenly stopped. shinya thought it was the transmission and took a few minutes to find out about the front fender. 99-year old indian got metal fatigue everywhere.


 Paul d'Orleans was busy taking wet plate photos.


to the hotel parking lot for the last maintenance.


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Mac Guy said...

Wow!! That is an amazing story!!!
Shinya is unstoppable!