Tuesday, September 9, 2014

stage 5: start...

stage 5. great morning. shinya is so ready.

see you at the today's goal in Cape Girardeau,Missouri! go shinya go!

本日のゴール、ミズーリ州のケープ・ジラードで会おうぞよ! 行ってらっしゃーい!
 there are several'36 knuckles in the race!


 1914 HD

 Paul d'Orleans and S on '33 brough superior

 DF on his '20 henderson delux
DFが乗るのは彼の'20 ヘンダーソン・デラックス。

then we got a call from shinya around lunch time that he found one of the head bolts became loose and lost speed on an uphill road. he said he'd try to do something about it and move on but might not be able to make it...niimie and i tried to reboot our mind and decided to take it easy now, save the motor, fix the problem and going for tomorrow.


against the odds, we found shinya and the indian at the goal!! so team 80 completed the stage 5!

しかし、なぜかゴールに見慣れた姿が!幻か? キツネにつままれた感じのまま、チーム80ステージ5も完走!

he utilized a vise grip and managed to ride all the way to the goal. he said he gripped it with his all mighty and probably looked like some kind of creature :D

  he's worn out both physically and mentally...


but there was some antique stores at the goal and that made him come back to life :)

niimie, too.

Cape Girardeau welcomed us. such a nice town.

Paul d'Orleans and S scored something nice, too.

parade through the street and back to the hotel parking lot.

ストリートをアンティーク モーターサイクル達がパレードしながらホテルの駐車場へ。

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