Sunday, September 14, 2014

stage 9: start...

stage 9, another chilly morning in Burlington, Colorado to Golden, Colorado. we're entering the rocky mountains.

go, shinya! go, indian!


smoke and fog :)


V rides the oldest machine (1914 HD) in cannonball and he's the oldest rider.

今回のキャノンボールで一番古いマシン(1914 HD)に乗るのは一番年長のライダーV。ほんと、こういうカカッコイイオトナになりたい。オトナだけど。

║║║║ ║║║║

and they are back!

shinya said the indian maintained 35-40 mph but it went down to 18 mph on the super steep rocky road. however it didn't stop or get overheated. it kept going just slowly but steadily. a 99-year old motorcycle tried her best and wouldn't give up. shinya confessed that he cried on the road with the old indian.



JL welcomed us with drawings of our 1915 indian. thank you very much! was a pleasure to meet you and your friends there at the finish.

they need to work on a lot of thing tonight for tomorrow.


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