Thursday, October 16, 2014

pleasant surprise...

stopped by at local thursday swap meet on the way to airport for dropping off Wata. Wata, who's heading back to Tokyo scored this tool holder. i don't think he could carry this with him on a plane.

Wタナベ氏を空港に送る途中、いつもの木曜メッヒコ スワップミートに寄る。今から日本に戻るというのに、こんな大物を手に入れたWタナベ氏。どうするおつもり?



»»»» »»»» »»»» »»»»

Mr.K from Japan dropped by just to give this hand crafted plaque to shinya.


superbly detailed team 80 indian! it even has the tool box, extra gas can and leather side bag :)


a couple years ago, he made the plaque for "spike", too. thank you Mr.K!


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