Friday, November 28, 2014

enhance the appeal of motorcycles...

we got a visit from "A" who crossed the states and came back on his little honda. he was going to head back to Japan tomorrow and we wanted him to enjoy the canyon ride with a regular bike :)


for two months, he had been riding a 70cc, max speed of 30 mph scoot sometimes on backroads all by himself, sometimes on highways among big rigs. riding without any stress with a motorcycle with proper power in the canyon must be a whole another experience for him.


 kawasaki GPZ900R! ninja!


today's ride was also my test ride for the XT500 with the new front end. i tested and shinya tested and we both loved it. we asked "A" if he wanted to try and he said hell yeah!


he came back with a big grin on his face :) all motorcycles have their distinctive characteristics and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy them at each level. 



Ando Naoto said...

hello Azusa Goodwill ambassador?

hi Ayu san and Kimura san . i already miss the days in US. before they getting away from my heads, i need to get there again. Can't wait for next ride in canyon and to see your new modified XT! Hoping you guys are well :)


menacing ayu said...

Ando Naoto: how's your new life in Japan? good luck to you and hope to ride with you again soon!