Monday, November 17, 2014

happy reunion...

when we were waiting for our friend Fumi (sixth street specials,NY) and his lady A to arrive, L and L from Yosemite dropped by unexpectedly instead.

日本に一時帰国中だったニューヨークSixth Street SpecialsのFミ氏とAサミちゃんが、日本からLA経由でニューヨークに戻ることにしてチャボに寄ってくれると言うので待っていたら、その前に突然LとLが訪ねて来てくれた。

we met L during the cannonball. he built the indian four engine for one team and he followed the race all the way with us. we got along very well after a couple of nights and he had been the best cheerer-upper for team 80. so happy to reunited with him and his lady L.


finally Fumi and A came (they stopped over LAX from Japan on the way back to New York) and went for a ride. 


we felt sorry for them that they had to head back to freezing new york now.


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