Thursday, December 18, 2014

the snowscape...

finally, we could see patches of blue sky. shinya wanted to test MightyB in the cold weather and i wanted to test my XT with the new tail. so here we go!


at around 4,500ft. there must be snow above here. it was cold enough to go back but we decided to go up a bit more.


came up to the Cafe on the top after all and it was like this ☃


"i'll check over there" shinya said and left.


"can see nothing but snow!"



John Seals said...

Cool photos!

menacing ayu said...

John Seals: thank you!

nikolay salutski said...

looks like winter has come to you guys as well....looking at shinya`s hat and the snow on the canyon roads....but not cold to scare you off the workshop :)