Friday, January 2, 2015

seasonal tradition...

in japan, the new year season continues for the seven days from the new year's day and especially the first three days are considered the most important holidays for the japanese. most of businesses are closed and people spend their time with their family eating special food visiting a shrine or a temple etc. 

but here, though we prepared some traditional new year's food, we let the days go past like any other day spending time at the workshop and riding motorcycles. however, this picture, shinya tinkering with a two barrel SU carburetor off of '50s racing car, shows very typical of him during the first three days of the new year. every year he brings his own project (remember his suzuki GS1000?) one year was yoshimura engine, this year SU carb, etc. on the workbench or on the lift and fantasizing about it for a while. this makes me feel that we are in the new year :D


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