Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Takao Isobe...

 the knuckle & destroy!


 cutting off some parts around the headlight.


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 oh, no, i've been caught!


photographer Takao Isobe was here. he's one of the greatest and most influential motorcycle photographers in Japan. he's been taking photos of Isle of Man TT since 1984 and has taken so many great racing photos including Yoshimura 8 hours endurance road races from the very first race at Suzuka circuit in 1978.

写真家の磯部氏が写真を撮りに来てくれた。1984年からマン島TTレースとそれに関わる人々を撮り続けている磯部氏。78年のレース開始の年から鈴鹿8耐の写真も撮っている。YOSHIMURA60周年本などに載っているカッコイイ写真を見ると、”写真:磯部孝夫” となっていて、感動が何倍にも膨れ上がる。そんな偉大な写真家、磯部氏は写真を撮っていない時はとてもチャーミングな紳士なのでR。

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working on the sepia which will be transformed to a land speed racing machine this year :) little by little. 


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