Saturday, March 14, 2015

disorganized, well-organized...

at #12. Wata is busy rearranging the whole workshop. he linked these two heavy duty shelves so that he can put more stuff.

machining dept.


however, Wata is not good at organizing. shinya gets frustrated watching Wata just moving a big parts from right to left and putting pretty light stock of shop towels on the "heavy-duty" shelf.


so, shinya started to lecture Wata about making best use of limited space.


and then shinya threw himself into it. saying is one thing, doing another. riiight ;p


the tool holder that Wata found and snapped up at a swap meet turned out that it wasn't useful in a real life. and he's complaining it's taking too much space on the floor. shinya says even if you are not gonna use it, put it up on the wall and it won't take your floor space and can be a nice wall decoration.


Wata has a tendency to scatter everything here and there on the floor. things that you are not gonna use immediately, put them upstairs, shinya says. to be continued...


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