Thursday, March 26, 2015

no race for you!

it's thursday and we came to Irwindale speedway in high spirits because Wata said he was so ready! reality, however, was not that simple. he couldn't pass the tech because one of the veteran tech pointed out that the stock stud bolts that he has been using for his drag slicks were too short and they were dangerous that they would not let him race tonight.


 bummage...well, he's learning.

ガビーンガビーンガビーン 日々勉強。

 we came really early tonight because it was Wata's last night in America and he wanted to race as much as possible. during these early hours, there are no spectators but some regular racers racing without any waiting. so sad to just sitting at the grandstand and watching others racing. poor Wata...




 he races at Bonneville, too.




glumly Wata...


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