Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Greasy Hands Preachers...

the words "blue-collar" "white-collar" were used a lot in the film. however, shinya says he doesn't really care what color his collar is. (he always wears tees so there's no collar really.) in Japan, it has been said "all occupation that brings honest is honorable. and working with your hands is beautiful." not trying to say it's true or false but that's how many of us raised and that's what shinya wanted to tell in the film. "it's a matter of spiritual intention," he says.


rode to Aero theatre in Santa Monica for the US premiere of The Greasy Hands Preachers. finally! shot in 16mm by Arthur de Kersauson, Clement Beauvais, Thomas Vignali and the team TheGHP

The Greasy Hands Preachers(ザ・グリーシィー・ハンズ・プリーチャーズ)フランスの熱い男達が執念でフィルムにこだわり全編16mmで撮ったドキュメンタリーがやっとこアメリカで観られる!というので、サンタモニカのシアターまで乗りつけた。(撮影は一昨年の夏)

Woolie and shinya

Nevin and Scarlett on kawi. cute :)


shinya and Toastola

and her CB350

Stacie B London's BMW is back on the road!


so nice to see Ralph (Bonneville/El Mirage 1000cc class record holder with his suzuki)wearing the 200 mph club tee at the premiere! he's tinkering with Stacie's BMW with shinya.


now going back to Azusa.


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