Friday, May 15, 2015

the race was cancelled due to the rain and the lakebed condition...

shinya has been sweeping the floor reluctantly since we got word of race cancellation in the morning...


even if it's not raining anymore and the lakebed seems fine, the Barstow Area Field Manager(BLM) would not open the lakebed because the lakebed dirt near the lake entrance is wet enough to scrape up into a ball(stated in BLM rulebook). bummer! 


to reboot our minds, we wanted to step out from our workshop. at just the right time, we could make arrangement to pick up this beautiful moto guzzi V7 ambassador for our friend.


this Guzzi is for our friend but shinya fixed the headlight as soon as we got back to our workshop just because he wanted ride around :)


not only beautiful it's also ergonomically optimum.


night cruising the hood to uplift the mood. (again, this is not our bike it's our friend's)



matthias said...

Great Guzzi, living not far from Italy I nevertheless havent seen such a beautiful Moto Guzzi in Oldschool Touring Style - Great bike, enjoy every mile... Greetings Matthias

matt machine said...

guzzis are soooooo good.