Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wolff and destroy...

7 am in Azusa. we met former AMA racer Thad Wolff in an unexpected turn of event. he brought this beautiful Yamaha XS1 to our workshop. though it wasn't ours nor his it is always nice to see these classic motorbikes and talk about it with someone who loves motorcycles more than anything.

早朝にひょんなことからスーパーバイクの元レーサーThad Wolffに出会った。この美しきハマハのXS1を持って来たWolff氏。残念ながらXS1は我々のものでも彼のものでもありませんが、何よりもオートバイが好き、その上元レーサーなんて人と朝からステキなオートバイを前に盛り上がれるなんて、かなり幸せだし今日は良い日になりそう。

people kept rolling in. you see Shun Miyazawa of Yamaha Europe in the crowd (left)? so that means...something spectacular will happen :) something with the project Menudo? 


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17Customs said...

I can't wait for this 'Menudo' project. I belive this will be first time when I can read about Shinya work in regular europe bike magazines :D.