Saturday, June 27, 2015

Born Free 7...

on the way to born free, about a mile or two away from the entrance, i noticed that shinya's aermacchi behind me was pulled off the road. it was running so great so i didn't know what happened to it.


throttle cable was frayed from the root... 


lots of nice people and friends stopped to help including Matt, the shovel Matt :) shinya told them "thank you guys, but i think i can fix it!"


solo cannonball :) no frustration, no temper. all he had was a flat head screw driver and gotta-fix-it-and-keep-on-going mind. 


eventually, he decided to go for a direct pull system.


shinya's throttle wire handling was awesome and made it to the venue. 


 "best British in show" winner.

 Kiyo's garage CB750 nailed it!

Kiyo's garageのCB750、しびれる!

TT & Company hand crafted helmet

TT&Company Tカハシ氏、ヘルメットありがとうございました!

my favorite and "Best Indian in show" winner, the Indian Chout by GT of Brat Style, Long Beach.


handcrafted  oil, gas caps by 4 dimensions studio.

4 dimensions studio 制作のオイル キャップとギャス キャップ。

handcrafted shift knob by 4 dimensions studio.


Best in Show

with guys of The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

had a great time as you can tell from shinya's big smile here :D and of course he managed to ride his Aermacchi back to Azusa. he became a master of throttle wire handler or a puppeteer :)


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