Monday, July 20, 2015

start on a journey...

 the 1914 excelsior 


booted and spurred.


what is shinya doing behind the excelsior?


putting a new seat cover that he just received for his Aermacchi :D


the excelsior is heading for Sturgis for Michael Lichter's "naked truth" exhibition at Buffalo Chips. 

"this exhibition will pay bare the raw talent of 35 world-renowned bike builders. each of these rolling metal sculptures will be displayed exposed and naked, unencumbered by paint and graphics, atop elevated pedestals to better give guests an open view from every angle. 'naked truth' is free to the public and will be open from saturday, aug. 1st through friday, aug. 7th in the Buffalo Chip's Russ Brown Events Center."

エクセルシアはこれからスタージスに向かい、写真家マイケル・リクター氏のエキシビション、"naked truth"にて8月1日から一週間展示されます。タイトル通り、ペイントやグラフィックを施す前のメタル・コンシャスなハダカの作品が35台集まるそうです。

 bon voyage!


the project R. shinya using the newly bought blind bearing puller.


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