Monday, August 17, 2015

come on, be comfortable with a new arrangement...

yes, it's monday and super hot since morning but it don't stop shinya from rearranging the workshop. begin with the old (and huge) Linde welding machine that shinya acquired 10 years ago when he started this workshop.


 wow @@ it was taking a lot of space!


man! not the bandsaw! when we got it 9 years ago, not so much stuff were in our workshop so we borrowed our neighbor's forklift, were able to get into the workshop with the bandsaw loaded forklift and set it right there. it has been at this spot since then. and now shinya wants to move it without a forklift. (there is no room for a forklift to get into our workshop now, anyway) we used all of our body parts, claw bars, and a iron pipe to get it off from a pallet and slewed it around.


in the meanwhile, the excelsior is back from Sturgis.


now the rearrangements are done. i think only shinya can tell and feel the difference... but he says it's the best setup ever so it's all good :)


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QUAIL333 said...

Maybe you could use a couple of good wood stumps for the shop, very handy!