Thursday, October 22, 2015

stroll through the road of Oliena...

 reunited with the menudo (Yamaha Faster Son)in Italy!

まさかサルデーニャ島でメヌード(Faster Son)と再会出来るとは!

 Yamaha's new XSR700


 strolling around the area. greens are greener after the rain.


riding around the area. met up with Nick Clement of Men's File from London and did some deep photo shoot :) we reaffirmed Nick's passion for Men's File. this session with him was very inspiring. whatever you do, what makes it different is with love or without. that's the bottom line.

そして乗る。ロンドンから来ているMen's FileのNC氏と落ち合って、しばし撮影。NC氏のMen's Fileに対する情熱に改めて刺激を受ける。そこに愛があるか・・・モノを作る基本はやっぱりそこのような気がする。

 the Mediterranean Sea!


against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea :)



matthias said...

Hope u enjoy Italy - bella Italia!

GeoKan said...

Mediterranean blue is unique. Once you dive into this blue and you are hooked; it casts its spell and holds you in its net of wonder forever.
Check my summer photos to see what I am talking about: