Friday, December 4, 2015

our super kamiokande...

watched a documentary about Super-Kamiokande. when we saw the images of the inside of the tank, there were photomultiplier tubes beautifully arranged throughout the inner wall, it reminded us that we had something similar somewhere in our workshop... we could not help thinking about that and it occupied our minds so we ended up knowing not much about this great discovery and study of neutrino oscillation but searching for our photomultiplier tube all over the workshop.


and this is it! i remember shinya scored this military use scanning lens at a flea market a couple years back. anyway, it's a lens not a photomaltiplier tube and it has nothing to do with Super-Kamiokande, but it sure look rad. can't believe we forget all about this.


yeah, hang it with a chain was a good idea, but shinya didn't like the lens swinging in the air...


 so he made a nice holder :)


 it can turn 360° 


now we can go back to watch the documentary again and learn more about Super-Kamiokande :)


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