Thursday, January 7, 2016

random photos from Bonham motorcycle auction 2016...

it became our annual new year event to go to Vegas in january to 1. test our van 2. check out the auctions and see beautiful motorcycles 3. reunite with our precious friends from all over the place at the auction especially our fellow Cannonballers and 4. bring our own motorbikes and ride around Red Rock Canyon. 

it just make us happy to see all those different kinds of motorcycles gathering at one place. we don't need to own them so we don't care about the prices but to know that they are there somewhere makes us feel relief.





 lovely ragged barn find 1950 Vincent black shadow

 1955 Honda Dream

 1921 McIntyre JAP

1913 Thor Model K

 shinya is so into Triumphs nowadays. 


Evan Wilcox hand-formed bodywork 1959 Ducati 175cc

1926 Sunbeam Model 5 light solo

 1954 Motobi 200cc Spring Lasting

 1982 Bimota SB3

 1954 Parilla 175cc high cam sport road racing moto

this one is for Mr.Yamamoto. 1919 Alcyon 2HP Cycki Moteur


 1948 BSA B33 i really want something like this in the near future.


 1912 Indian twin boardtrack racer


 1924 Henderson De Luxe

1910 Royal Pioneer

investigating the air intake for the project he's working on right now :)


yay! SBL is back to the West Coast! she stopped by at the auction on the way home from Cali-Tennessee-Cali road trip on her Ford F100! we spotted her and followed her for a while whispering "Stacy~ Stacy~" but she didn't look back until shinya grabbed her shoulder :D it was so nice to bump into her!


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