Friday, May 13, 2016

full of surprises...

oh, not now! we saw an extraordinary oil leaking from our van and found a malfunction in the oil pan (it's a long story). it wasn't like this when we checked yesterday. we need to head to El Mirage early tomorrow morning so there was no time to remove the oil pan to fix it so shinya got to stay under the van to do something about it.


the Spike looks like this now. shinya was planning to work and check on the Spike using a whole morning and a whole afternoon today...


no race, no life. shinya won't give up. it will be easy to ask for a help or rent a van, but it's not our style. life is tough and so full of unpredictable surprises and we enjoy it very much ;p


 while waiting for epoxy that shinya put on the oil pan to dry, shinya needs to work on the Spike.


 checking and it seems ok.


 and the Spike is ready too.


now we loaded the Spike into the van. hope we can get to the lake bed in the morning. keep our fingers crossed...


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