Tuesday, May 31, 2016

waiting in vain...

been waiting for some packages, calls, texts since morning but none of them have arrived yet. there was no sign of them coming. ah, it would be a long day today...


however, some unexpected things came in one after another. for example, a pair of decals for shinya's BSA (that was unexpected for me but not for shinya because he ordered them himself):P


received a surprise package from Thor of See See Motor Coffee Co. thank you, Thor ♥

ポートランドからSee SeeのTがサプライズ・ギフトを送ってくれた。ありがとう、T!

a book called "the cosmography of insects" by Daizaburo Okumoto was sent from our friend Yamamoto-san in Italy. this will keep entomologist shinya busy for quite a long time for sure.

そして、イタリアのYマモト氏から奥本大三郎(本格的に虫好きのフランス文学者)著 「虫の宇宙誌」なる本が!これはしばらく木村氏が夢中になってしまうこと間違いなし。ありがとうございます!

and finally,at the end of the day, we were able to pick this Aermacchi Sprint 350SX up for our friend. and it was quite a nice one.


there was just a little thing caught shinya's attention... however, it's not his bike, he decided to stay out of it. just did a basic checkup and that's it.


 after a couple of hours, he got uncontrollable urge to do something about it.


 ay, got serious...


if that makes you feel better...


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