Wednesday, June 15, 2016

get a nibble...

 off to Crystal Lake. the Indian runs pretty lightly.


 got there without any trouble.


 spotted three Honda Hawks.


we enjoyed chatting with the owners of those Hawks for a while. each motorcyclist has their own favorites and preferences in motorcycle and seeking for various desired styles. however if you are a rider, no matter what you ride, you will appreciate these antique motorcycles (especially if they're still running after 100 years later) because they are the origin of motorcycling.


 ok, heading back.


now they are somewhat relieved to receive an enthusiastic response from the Indian :)


since the Indian reached a stage where we can all take a rest, Niimie got a chance to pull out and work on his new toy, MX360, which he acquired last time he was here but didn't have a chance to play with it. Niimie has been trying not to think about it to concentrate on the Indian :D 


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