Tuesday, June 28, 2016

mighty duster...

the F4. shinya wanted to see how will it look if he paints the meter hood black. he liked it and decided to paint the top part of the shield too.


 he checks it from the mezzanine.


 and from the other side.


 he temporarily spray painted it just to see how it looks like. now he decided to go with black, he's going to powder coat them.


shinya brought all the parts to our local powder coating place himself but he didn't come back for a long time. and then i got a call from them (shinya doesn't use cell phone) that our van was acting up and shinya was stuck there. 


he couldn't fix it there so i grabbed a towing strap and rushed there with my Plymouth duster :D


 our trusted powder coating master D helped us. such a nice guy.


 back to our workshop and shinya started to fix the problem including changing the starter motor.


and of course he got the job done in a couple of hours. thank you, shinya!


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