Friday, June 10, 2016

welcoming Niimie...

shinya exchanging morning greetings with our neighbor's cat before heading off to the airport to pick up Niimie.


and Niimie's here for preparing the 1915 Indian for the Cannonball. he went straight to Aermacchi that he recently acquired for his friend :)


team Toyooka, our friends in Okazaki, Japan, who make some hard to find parts for our 1915 Indian made these hand drawn team 80 tees for us :) a bit scary shinya's face on the back :D thank you!


received the seat for the F4. was designed by shinya and hand crafted by Ace Miyazaki of Back Drop. thank you, Ace!


at any rate, we got to come to the canyon, right?


Aermacchi Sprint 350SS, Aermacchi Sprint 350SX, and BSA B50.


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