Sunday, October 16, 2016

it was a long sunday...

since all the TROG activities on the beach tomorrow were cancelled, we decided to head back to Azusa from Pismo. suddenly, right after we got on the freeway, we lost the power steering in our van. the motor was still running so we took the next off ramp and pulled into the gas station to see what was going on.


the timing belt was barely there and to top it off, the entire timing belt tensioner pulley was missing. and that rang the bell because we heard a big noise on the way to get here, thought we hit something, stopped and checked but couldn't find anything. no wonder... now all we need are a new belt and a tensioner pulley kit. it wasn't too late so if we could find a AutoZone/PepBoys/O'reilly near here, this is not so miserable.


found and called a nearby parts store and they've got everything we wanted. what we needed was a way to get there. ah, Uber? ended up calling our friend who were here for TROG and said he was gonna stay around town one more night.  he came to pick us up right away, took us to the parts store, took us back to the van and then gave a hand. what a blessing to have a great friend. thank you, Sakuma-san! 


 and we went straight to the Pomona swap (took a nap on the way, though), meet up with Wata there.


got back to the shop and washed off all sands and salt on the Indian :)


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