Thursday, December 1, 2016

to tell you the honest truth...

on the way back to California from Beijin, we stopped over in Tokyo to see family and friends.


one of our favorite places in Tokyo.
when we are in Tokyo, we walk a lot and every time we find something new.


we were starving and wondering around Omotesando to find a good soba place but accidentally found Deus Ex Machina Tokyo instead :D shinya was on the second floor looking at a BSA.



 Shinya's junior high in downtown Tokyo.


wanted to see this guy. wishing you a quick recovery, brotha!


forgot to return visitor's badge at the reception at the hospital...


stopped by our mentor Samurai Tame-san's shop in Kawasaki. he's the godfather of Japanese custom motorcycle community and the oldest guy around. my dream come true.


happy shinya in the motorcycle forest :D


what an exciting space laden with history. everything fits here as it had meaning to be there. it filled with not only the physical "things" but also something like stream of time and its passage that can't be bought for money. 


we could listen to his fascinating stories forever! already miss him and his wife Yoko ☺


Wata picked us up in familiar looking Comet. it was in Azusa one time and shipped here for his customer. 


we've been friends for over 10 years and we hang out in Azusa all the time but have never been to Wata's workshop in suburb Tokyo. everyone who's been to his shop tells us how poor and rough environment it is. but here we are and we didn't mind at all. actually, we kinda like it there :) in my opinion, if we get spoiled in a favorable environment too long, we may loose our five senses or inventive ideas. if you like whatever you are doing now, rest is not a big deal. 


 yen town


and he took us to the airport by a special limo.


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