Wednesday, February 8, 2017

annual Cycleman ride...

6th annual CCR with special friends. this year, in addition to the team Cycleman, Mr. and Mrs. Yano of Lynch Silversmith from Kobe and now L.A. based WBC Asia Continental heavyweight champ Rio Hidaka are with us. Although, champ is a motorcycle rider, he's banned to ride so he had to follow us in El Camino with Wata. what a torture! 

毎年恒例となっております、第6回CCR(Cycleman Canyon Ride)。 主要メンバーは決まっていますが、毎回ゲストが変わります。今年は2回目の参戦、神戸からLynch Silversmith のYノ氏と奥様のK子さん、そしてLA在住のWBCアジア・ヘビー級チャンピョン、Rio Hidaka氏。世界チャンピョンを目指すチャンプはオートバイ禁止令が出ております故、エルカミーノでの拷問スットコライド。さすが精神も強い。

grin grin grin :)


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matthias said...

Hi Ayu. Your xt is the bike of my dreams... so beautiful. Never sell it to anybody... great motorcycle, Shinyas perfect style at its best. Greetings Matthias