Thursday, February 16, 2017

cosmic forces...

got up super early this morning to come down to see the ocean. life is bittersweet. and that's ok with us. whenever we have to deal with painful sadness, it made us want to come to see the ocean. maybe because we were born and raised in an island country. Santa Monica especially means a lot to us. here was the final destination of the very first Motorcycle Cannonball. we learned the hard way that it doesn't matter how slow we go or how many times we have to stop on the way, we will get to our destination as long as we keep moving forward. alright. let's go!




shinya just added this CB77 to his collection. quote of the day: "do what i can do now and ride what i want to ride now." -shinya kimura


regain his smile.


 back to the XLCR project.


 to be continued...


and then back on the CB77.


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