Monday, February 20, 2017

road trip in a rain storm...

we were somehow obliged to head up north with Wata at 3 am.


Wata was picking up something up there and promised to drive all the way (about 325 miles). though, he said he became sleepy at middle of nowhere and i had to take over the wheel. right after that, he went sleep like a log. how cheeky! he didn't let us get a wink of sleep while he was driving 😡


anyway, got to northern California and picked up this lovely Cuda.


 and driving it back to Azusa.


too bad we had to drive through the heavy rain storm and some flooded areas...


made it all the way without any major, not even minor incidents. booooring!


shinya picked up another Aermacchi motor that he found on C-list on the way back from north :P 


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