Saturday, March 4, 2017

one lucky bastard...

the Pantera Verde. the Z1. adding a front brake anchor bracket.

Z1、パンテーラ・ヴェルデ。ブレーキ アンカー ブラケットを追加。



shinya found and just picked up this beautiful but not running CB160. he placed it right next to his just-recently-acquired CB77 and captivated by the view. i'm a bit worried about the "not running" part but, hey, it's shinya the MacGyver. no worries.


in 5 minutes, he's full of glee. despite what the seller told shinya, the problems were pretty minor, just some basic stuff. however, even a little problem makes a great motorbike not running so your knowledge and experience talk ;p

5分もしない内にこのにやけ顔。売主がツラツラと動かない理由を言っている間、心の中でそんなはずはない、と踏んでいたらしい。そう、ほんの些細なことでも 乗り物は動かなくなっちゃうのであーる。だからやっぱりその些細なことを見分けられる知識と経験って大切。

diagnose, wrench, and fix. these "a-ha moments" make shinya really happy.


after 30 minutes, it's alive!


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