Saturday, April 22, 2017

a surreal experience...

came to Willow Springs Raceway for the annual vintage road race and swap meet event A.H.R.M.A. and then realized that we hadn't unloaded the old Honda stuff that we got in Monterey yet so decided to unload them here and maybe someone wants something. maybe.


great! customer's here. how may I help you? oh, it's our friend A-san. he was just showing off whatever he scored.


it was a pleasure meeting you guys C & C!


my XR185/200 is  "NFS"!


 1956 Indian Woodsman 500 ♥

it's time for riders meeting! and we spotted our friend, former AMA racer, Thad Wolff in his racing suites!!


Thad went up in front, greeted everyone and then said his friend Wes Cooley was here. what? Wes Cooley's here, too?!


WOW@@ the guy who was standing in front of shinya WAS THE Cooley!!


 shinya got super excited and came closer to Cooley inch by inch :D


 dream comes true.


this is a picture from shinya's old photo album. it's shinya's Wes Cooley replica GS1000S in 1986 when he was around 24. :D  he said he never imagined that he would meet Cooley in person 30 years later at Willow Springs raceway. now i understand why shinya got a GS1000 10 years ago after he relocated to the States and said this would be his long-term pleasure project.


Thad introduced shinya to Cooley :D told him about shinya's GS1000 project, too. thank you Thad! shinya was keep saying "Wes Cooley looked at my eyes and spoke to me!!" for the rest of the day :P


 highlight of the day.


#37 Thad Wolff on GS1000, #34 Wes Cooley on Katana in 1982. a page from shinya's old magazine collection. 2 years later in 1986, shinya bought the Cooley replica shown above. and 30 years later, three of them meet at Willow Springs raceway!



 Thad is racing his CB160 today.


the first class that Thad was in was a Le Mans-style start so i was asked to hold the bike for him :D


it's hard to tell from this picture but it was super great rocket start!


 yup, he knows everything about Willow.


what a great race! Thad is the real deal!



matthias said...

Wes Cooley... what a great story! Ayu, Shinya: next year or 2019 I will try to visit you in Azusa - that would be great!! Take care, Matthias

menacing ayu said...

matthias: cool!