Thursday, May 25, 2017

one step closer...

it was a perfect day for a canyon ride with B and his Norton Commando. B usually rides the other side of this canyon and it was his first time to ride this side of the canyon ;P

Bと彼のノートン コマンドー、ヤマハのSRとXTで山。Bはいつもここの反対側の山を走っているけど、こっち側は初めてなんだって。お天気も最高。

 see you soon, B!



 Wata just received...


a BNI (Bonnevilee Nationals Inc. who organizes the Speedweek) membership card. a one little step closer to Bonneville!


roll up your sleeves and get busy, man!



surprised at our friend's sudden visit for the first time in several years. he's a super talented pinstripe artist Makoto from M&K custom signs in Aichi with his and many of shinya's friends from Japan. 


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