Thursday, June 8, 2017

exercise ingenuity...

one of the shop lights on the ceiling went out and thought it was just about time for replacing the fluorescent tubes but it was actually the ballast that we needed to replace.


i was supposed to hold the ladder so this is the only photo i could take and couldn't capture the full scope but shinya was on the tallest ladder we have that was put on the top of a table cart in highest position and propped against a beam in the ceiling. he wore leather jacket just in case ;P he replaced the ballast and voila! it came back on. great job, shinya!



shinya, who claims has a height phobia, says he's overwhelmed by a sense of accomplishment to be able to fix the shop lights and he needs a reward or something before he gets back to work. and he starts to tinkering with his XR200 ;D


its original shock was totally worn out but stingy shinya doesn't want to spend a penny on a $300 motorbike. so, he wants to utilize whatever he has on hand. but hey, isn't it a used shock for our van? 


 ah,oh. he's getting serious ;p



 okay, back to work! the Aermacchi project.


need to finish up the fuel tank. will take a lot of work.



and then back to his XR stingy shock project :) for a change.


 actually it looks pretty cool to me! 



 and back to the fuel tank.


to be continued...


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